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Our Story

It all began with being introduced to ceramics, pottery making, drawing and music as early as 3 years old.  Each school attended consisted of music and some type of art.  High school was where the passion for pottery making all began. Attending college at LSU was the where the vision and purpose became rock solid clear.

Graduating from LSU in Studio Arts, Ceramics and Horticulture we decided to put the degree to use and open up 'Artsy Edge'.  We would like to introduce you to various local artists creations from around New Orleans to St. Tammany as well as our very own local artist and potter

Bethany Black.  

At Artsy Edge we have state of the art equipment including Skutt, Shimpo, Pacifica, Alligator Clay and more.  Open Studio for experienced potters, pottery creating classes, painting and more.

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